First of all, thank you very much for visiting our webpage.

Grisancar is a family-run business founded in 1974 in Cartagena (Spain).

As you can see, we have a wide experience in these areas: plumbing, sanitary fittings and sanitaryware.

Furthermore, we have a big variety of materials, such as:

  • Electric water heaters.
  • Butane, Propane and Natural Gas boilers. 
  • Solar panels. 
  • Water tanks. 
  • Water pumps. 
  • PVC tubes, pipes and fittings.
  • Polybutylene (PB) pipes and fittings.
  • Polyethylene pipes and fittings.
  • Copper pipes and fittings.
  • Aluminium pipes and fittings.
  • Galvanized iron pipes and fittings.
  • Lead pipes and fittings. 
  • Brass and bronze fittings.
  • Faucets for washbasins, showers, sinks…
  • U-bends and valves for washbasins, bidets, sinks…
  • Toilets and spare parts.
  • Shower trays, doors and enclosure.
  • Furniture and mirrors for bathrooms.
  • Bathroom accessories.
  • Stainless steel sinks.
  • Flexible connections for faucets, toilet tanks, water heaters, gas boilers…
  • Cartridges, fittings and spare parts for faucets.
  • Toilets, tanks and toilet seats.
  • Filling and flushing systems for toilets.
  • Reverse osmosis systems and fittings, as well as others water treatment systems.
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We will be glad to help you to solve your plumbing problems and to offer you the best option.

Our shop is located in Cartagena; the address is Juan Fernandez number 31, postal code 30204.

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.